RV Tankless Water Heater. Should I Get One?

Here I’m going to  line it up with this hole and then I’m  just going to probably put a little put  a little pilot hole there and put my  fastener in there and just call that a  day the corners will be done I put two  fasteners in up here right now just to  kind of lock it in place I’m going to do  a st. down here then we do my corners  finish all the fasteners and be good I  put some butyl teeth back behind this  corner piece and once I have this  secured in place then I’m just going to  use a razor being very very careful I  don’t want to make any any real kind of  grooves or slots into this outer  layering because anything like that  could be could be a way for weather to  get in and actually ruin the wood behind  this laminate or whatever it is.

So I’m  gonna be very careful just try to peel  this off so it’s not laying around once  we get the door on the door shut cover  it all  stay put peek and see what happens  on  so yeah we’re going to want to clean up  that butyl tea to be sure so when we get  the door on everything’s nice and  covered okay be right back okay I just  wanted to show real quick before I  finish off these corners how I’ve kind  of packed the butyl tape cover up any  openings that you saw so now all the  openings that were left from the cutout  are covered and with that butyl tape and  my plan at the end once I have it all  finished in the door on is I’m going to  silk.

I’m going to clean up the butyl  tape around these edges and then  silicone caulk around at all hopefully  given that strong secure weatherproof  bond okay so I’m going to finish up  fastening it and we’ll come back and  finish the inside  okay and when try to get this  description even with the motorcycles  going in the background  my boys riding um but I just struggled  for a long time with these uh with this  door so I you know I must say the unit  must have been somewhat out of square I  could not get the door to sit on there  you know you could see how it has this  cutout for the exhaust well I could not  get that around get this in and get it  to sit on the two pins at the bottom so  that I just fought with that and just  bent bent things around to which.

I  didn’t want to do and it doesn’t look  like it’s sitting fully square so  probably tells me that the unit is out  of level a bit so I probably should have  done a better job at trying to level the  unit in my mind the hole was level the  other unit was sitting in there level  and so I I may try to level this thing  here in a minute by undoing some of the  fasteners raising it up make it even  faster holes so I won’t be able to reuse  the holes that are there  mm-hmm okay so I just want to put it  finished touch on my video here and just  show from the inside there’s really not  much to it  all I did is uh use the sharkbite  fittings to put my hot water out cup  with that up in there to the existing  tubing my cold same thing just coupled  it to there that’s all good I used like.

I put like paper towel around these just  to make sure I saw anything it you know  sometimes you can’t actually see the  moisture but the paper towel certainly  show it didn’t have any issues there I  my propane you know that was pretty  straightforward  just like the old fitting it didn’t have  to make any modifications there I did  use the you know leak sealant like the  the bubble water or whatever it is and  gotten off the back you can see here all  I did is tie together my positive and  negatives for my DC and now on my  control panel I only used my gas switch  my electric switch does nothing so  that’s really it that’s the end of my  video that’s all there was really to the  install if you have any uh any questions  comments or feedback look like I said  not a professional here just did this as  um you know as a kind of DIY video to  help those that might be trying to do  the same thing feel free to post them  and thanks again for watching.

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