Composting Toilets – How Do They Work

TOTO toilets are famous in terms of flushing and performance. You might be interested in checking Toto Drake ii Review. It is one of the best and affordable toilet made so far. Do checkout review, in this post I’m going to share all about composting toilets. An ultimate guide to their working and performance.

I’d like to chat to you today about the character’s head waterless self-contained compost in darling they are odorless, and the key to that is because we separate the liquids from the solids and how it works is if you are going to be going number two there’s a handle you pull down opens up a door that allows the solids to drop into the composting bin below it is also recommended for men to sit down when they’re urinating.

So that it makes sure it’s directed to the front during a collection bottle and away the composting toilet works is you use composting material either swagman peat most that you can get at Lowe’s Home Depot or coconut coir fiber and you want to fill it up to about the agitator bar and then after each use you give it three or four turns and then you get approximately sixty to eighty you since before you have to change this out and so for two people that are four to six weeks now the liquids you’d be dumping more often than that when it is time to change out your compost material.

It’s pretty simple process a lid just slides right off of the base and then you take the two knobs that hold it to the floor mount loose, and we remove the urine bottle and you can take it out in dump, or you can take a large kitchen trash bag put over the top of this turn it upside down happen and you don’t want to clean any of the residual out because you want the bacteria to keep them working compost.

Yeah it also has a small ventilating fan and it comes with a flexible five foot hose hooks onto the exhaust and the other one connect two inches and a quarter PVC pipe event to the outside it comes with a 12-volt connector for use mainly on RVs and boats or if you’re needing to use 110 there’s an optional hundred and an adapter you can plug into the wall and plug into the unit it comes with a five-year warranty,

It’s made in the United States all the metal is made out of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about any rust or corrosion and Nature said composting shortlists been out of the bargain in for about ten years very big into tiny house other applications.

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